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Security Services

We provide both static (local) and Nepalese security guards who undergo high levels of training. Our local security guards are vetted by the PDRM (Polis Diraja Malaysia). The Nepalese (Ex-Army) are trained and have served in their country. They will be given training in Malaysia according to our system and culture by our existing Nepalese senior office. Our Nepalese guards are vetted and approved by KKDN (Kementerian Keselamatan Dalam Negeri) before entering Malaysia.

Security Guards

Guard Dog Service​

Golden Eagle Security Services proudly offers Guard Dog Services, combining skilled handlers with impeccably trained dogs to deliver top-tier security. Our K-9 teams provide a potent visual and auditory deterrent, deterring potential threats. These vigilant canines possess sharp senses and unwavering loyalty, ensuring effective threat detection and rapid response when needed. Whether safeguarding events, properties, or sensitive facilities, our Guard Dog Services offer a tailored, formidable solution, instilling confidence in your security arrangements.

Golden Eagle Security Services Guard Dog K9 Unit

Mobile Patrolling​

Company Vehicles Available for reconnoitring premises. Our vigilant and trained security personnel conduct systematic patrols 24/7, effectively deterring potential threats and ensuring rapid responses to any incidents. With our mobile patrols, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that a watchful eye is always on your premises, safeguarding your assets and people.

Golden Eagle Security Services Security Guards

Operation's Room​

Golden Eagle Security Services employs cutting-edge technology in our operation’s room monitoring. Our expert team works tirelessly, monitoring your security systems. This ensures swift responses to potential threats or emergencies, giving you real-time peace of mind and confidence in our ability to protect your assets.

Golden Eagle Security Services Operation Room


The  to be updated in the system for safety purpose. Accurate and reliable timekeeping is crucial for maintaining security and order. Our Clocking Services provide precise tracking and reporting of entry and exit of visitors at our workplace ensuring that time-related tasks within your facility are executed flawlessly. Trust us for punctuality and precision.

Golden Eagle Security Services Clocking Services

Bodyguards & Escorts​

Golden Eagle Security Services offers premium Bodyguard and Escort Services tailored to your unique needs. Our highly trained and discreet personnel provide personal protection, ensuring your safety in various situations. Whether you require individual or group protection, our experts are dedicated to safeguarding you while maintaining the utmost confidentiality and professionalism. Your security is our priority.

Golden Eagle Security Services Bodyguard and Escort

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